Get the best rate on any of our hair services and enjoy some fine wines and Champagne during your visit
With a payment of £50 you can become a Chez Stephan hair & wine club member for one year period.
The member card entitles you and your family to discounts on Hair and Wine!

For example:

  • Gent styling hair cut –  £35
  • Gent Barber hair cut – £25
  • Lady cut&blow –  £55 / £65 (  £100 )
  • Just  executive blow –  £25 / £30  ( £65 )
  • Half head French Balayage including cut blast dry-  £105 ( £210 )
  • Full head French Balayage including cut blast dry   –  £150 ( £260 )

To learn more about member prices see the price list on our website.

For Wine Shop:
  • When you pay for any hair service you can buy 2 bottles for £15 or £20 for 3 bt in the area display for members special.
  • Some tasting offer, every day some bt are open.
  • Buy a mix match bag up to 3bt for £30 (retail up to £45)
  • Buy at the member price from 1bt every day.
  • Get campaign offers at list monthly.
  • Book your private wine tasting starting from only 2 people.
  • Receive some new letter by email to get some offers or join us for some event tastings.

You can also do your own shopping on our online wine shop:

(Our Members receive a special discount code for online purchases)

Or email Stephan, who can help you pick a selection according to your needs & budget…