Languedoc Roussillon Sud de France Wine Tasting at the French Embassy in London


Stephan is the agent of Chateau de Paraza, Le Prieure saint Sever and Mas de la Deveze




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Domaine Maison Des Bulliats

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Domaine Francois Gay Et Fils

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Domaine Philippe Milan and Fils

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Domaine Philippe Pernot Belicard

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Domaine Didier Gerin

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Chateau De Pommard

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Video documentary showing the whole process of picking, processing and having the first glass of ‘Paradise’ wine from domain Moulin Blanc, September 2011:

Process of labeling wine bottles at domain Maison Des Bulliats, September 2011:

Owners of domain Maison Des Bulliats Fred & Helene Lockwood talk about their wine, September 2011: